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Alpha - Nocturnal Glow Plastic (NT-AL01-18)


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Firefly art by ZAMdesign.

Please Note:
 We call this a 1st run, but internally we do consider it a "test run". This was the first time we ran Glow and it had varying results. The Orange color will give off a weak orange glow, while the white is a strong green. 

The Alpha fills the essential go-to fairway slot in every golfers bag. Designed to be a true Power Fairway with straight flight and reliable fade, the Alpha will respond to the line and power you give it. Capable of fighting headwinds or carving up the woods, the Alpha is a uniquely stable disc we absolutely love and hope you do too. 

Flight Ratings: Speed 8 / Glide 4 / Turn 0 / Fade 2

Serial # NT-AL01-18

PDGA Approved


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