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Alpha FACTORY SECOND - Eternal Plastic (ET-AL02-17)

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The discs in this listing have been deemed Factory Seconds. This means there are flaws with the stamp or minor molding imperfections.These discs are still PDGA legal and these issues are considered cosmetic by MINT. You are purchasing these with full knowledge that these are not first quality and as such we will not accept returns on Factory Seconds for these issues.

The Alpha fills the essential go-to fairway slot in every golfers bag. Designed to be a true Power Fairway with straight flight and reliable fade, the Alpha will respond to the line and power you give it. Capable of fighting headwinds or carving up the woods, the Alpha is a uniquely stable disc we absolutely love and hope you do too. 

Flight Ratings: Speed 8 / Glide 4 / Turn 0 / Fade 2

Serial # ET-AL02-17

PDGA Approved