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Grackle - Nocturnal Glow Plastic (X-OUT)

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X-out listing: This item was deemed an x-out due to stamping imperfections or disc quality. The discs is still considering 100% usable but may have imperfections or flaws. We will not issue refunds for the stamp image/quality or disc color. You get what you get.

The Grackle is a slightly stable fairway driver. It will compliment the current Alpha as a slightly less stable version that will season well and turn into a great hyzer flip option. This disc responds well to backhand and forehand throws. We find it flies a bit straighter on a flat forehand than it does a backhand.

Flight Ratings: Speed 7 / Glide 5 / Turn -1 / Fade 2

Serial # NT-GR01-22

Please Note: Disc and foil colors will/may vary from what is pictured here. The photos used are just guides and not exact colors. Foil and stamp positioning may vary as well.

PDGA Approved


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