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Zing Cozmo Mini Disc w/ MINT Logo


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 Available with the MINT Logo stamp.

Manufacturer Details:

  • The Cozmo took Zing into the next phase of Mini Disc development. Made one of the first 3D printed molds and shot plastic into it. Who-la! The Cozmo was made and I quickly made a permanent mold from steel in two weeks. This unique disc has a “born-on” date on each disc inscribed inside. This is a game-changer for the disc industry. This disc also mates with the Microfoil for a container set.

    Specifics: Disc Weight: 38 grams: 4.3″ diameter(mates with Microfoil)

Please Note: You will not get the exact disc pictured. The colors and foil combinations shown are just a representation of what is available in that color. 

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