Pico Mini Disc - MINT Cash Money Edition(by ZING)


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Congrats! You found the Easter Egg! Happy Easter and April fools from Mint Discs. 

This Pico mini-disc manufactured by ZING Minis specifically for MINT Discs is certified FRESH. Loaded with more features than we even knew was possible in a tiny little disc. We started by adding some shredded "money" and glitter. The mini will also turn pink/purple in the sun(UV) and glow in the dark. Did we mention it also smells like peppermint?

This Pico Mini Disc from ZING is great for every golfer. Not only can you mark your disc and play catch with it, but it also fits perfectly on the top of a normal sized aluminum can. Save strokes and keep your can sealed all with one little mini disc!

Mini Disc Specs: 2.5" diameter, 12 gram. 

Please Note: You will not get the exact disc pictured. The colors and foil combinations shown are just a representation of what is available in that color.