2nd Run Alpha available September 1st!

2nd Run Alpha available September 1st!

August 29, 2017

The second run of the Alpha is finally here. We can't thank our fans enough for the support we have seen after we launched the first run this spring.

We will be releasing the disc for sale on September 1st at 12:01am midnight. We have a lot of exciting things happening with this next run. Our biggest request was lower weights, and that was something we agreed had to happen. The Alpha is now available down to 165g in all 3 plastics. We are also able to offer exact weight on each disc this time when purchasing from our website. Below is a picture of the primary colors available.

The second run Sublime stamp features art from Skulboy Designs. We have always been a fan of his work on other discs and knew he was the perfect artist to work with for the second run. Get one on the second run while you can! We look forward to working with Duncan in the future.

You will also notice our new updated logo on Eternal and Apex. 

Our goal was to refine and simplify the logo. We strive to continually improve what we are doing, and we want our fans to know this principle will be at the core of everything we do.

We would like to thank our graphic designer Vanessa Zhang for helping us reshape the logo as well as Eternal and Apex stamps. We couldn't have done all this with out you Vanessa! 

We hope you enjoy the Second Run of Alpha. As we gather feedback in the coming months we will release the run #'s and flight ratings for each color. The Serial #s for each plastic are SB-AL02-17(Sublime), ET-AL02-17(Eternal), and AP-AL02-17(Apex). Thanks for your continued support of MINT Discs, it means the world to us.

Much Love,
Zach, Guy, and Chris
MINT Discs



Fish said:

I’m like a little girl on Christmas Eve!

Jesse Kiel

Jesse Kiel said:

The Skulboy stamp looks SWEET! Would love to try one of these discs out!

Wes James

Wes James said:

Looks sick , can’t wait for the lighter weights!

Jason Schult

Jason Schult said:

I’ve been wanting an alpha sooo very much. Unfortunately responsibilities have been preventing that from happening. I would be ever so greatful for winning such an awesome disc???

Roy Maloney

Roy Maloney said:

Most versatile disc in my bag.

Rock Schouman

Rock Schouman said:

I threw a Mint disc the other day for the first time. Wow, wish I would have bought a first run. Awesome work guys!

Stephen Watson

Stephen Watson said:

Shared with the disc golf group in DC that I’m joining when I get to my first base. #Eastcoastbound


Bryan said:


Larry Smith

Larry Smith said:

New stamp looks great. Would love to add Mint discs to my bag.

Matt McCarty

Matt McCarty said:

Best discs in my bag!

Dan Zamarripa

Dan Zamarripa said:

This new runs looks tasty

Matt Bergeron

Matt Bergeron said:

Can’t wait to get myself one of these tasty MINTs.

Mark Walker

Mark Walker said:

Skulboy on an Alpha?? Winner winner!!

Pedro Chapa

Pedro Chapa said:

Alpha…..i need one still. Only one in Austin Without one…..wawawa!!!


Booter said:

Well,y all know I love me this disc. THE best disc I’ve had the pleasure of owning and throwing in a long time. The hype is real and booted approved.

Bill Hawkins

Bill Hawkins said:

I would love to not have to wait until Christmas to try one of these bad boys out.


Oscar said:

Love seeing the progress! Nothing but greatness coming from Mint!

Travis Jorgensen

Travis Jorgensen said:

I can’t wait to add one of these to my bag!!

Timmy Redman

Timmy Redman said:

Love the colors! Need a bright pink too! Great disc!

Roberto L

Roberto L said:

Nice looking disc. Looking to expand disc arsenal. Would love to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity.

Chris Woods

Chris Woods said:

Hell yeah!!! I loved the Alphas I tried out today! Ready to see these new ones!

Jake Pearce

Jake Pearce said:

This thing looks awesome!! I wish I could try it out!

Talyn Christopher Strum

Talyn Christopher Strum said:

Have been absolutely loving my Alpha. And that new skull stamp is just perfect for this disc!

Efrain Aguilar

Efrain Aguilar said:


Kevin Gaddy

Kevin Gaddy said:

Yess!! I’m beyond stoked for this release!!

Tyler Tyrrell

Tyler Tyrrell said:

Awesome looking disc super stoked I love my first run and these look amazing

Michael kaufman

Michael kaufman said:

These things have become one of my favorite fairway drivers. Get you one and be ready to have some fun with an up and comer.

Jim Dean

Jim Dean said:

Down to 165??? Oh heck yeah! Now you’re speaking my language!

Dan Stratton

Dan Stratton said:

Definitely excited for these! Stamp looks sick.

Taylor Wolf

Taylor Wolf said:

I love that you are using a alpha wolf as your logo!! I’m going to have to collect all you discs.


David said:

That skull boy stamp is sick!

Wesley Jorgensen

Wesley Jorgensen said:

This disc looks awesome and winning one would be super cool!!

Maria Garza

Maria Garza said:


Bobby Swain

Bobby Swain said:

Sick looking disc/stamp…cant wait to get my hands on one?

Gage S

Gage S said:

Love the stamp. First time seeing this disc very curious now how it flies. #Alpha

Jamie c

Jamie c said:

Can’t wait. Excited to see the new run

Jason Seiler

Jason Seiler said:

That’s skullboy stamp.is sweet

Shane Bice

Shane Bice said:

Texas should lead the pack. Looking forward to the second run.

T Flyer

T Flyer said:

165 gram SB Alpha for the win!!


Be. said:

Well, Friday is my birthday……(hint, hint)


Jason said:

Looking good guys. Keep up the good work!


Jimmy said:

Absolutely love the new stamp on these! I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Jimmy Ash

Jimmy Ash said:

Excited for the new run and that stamp is sick!

Shannon Prendergast

Shannon Prendergast said:

Got my first Alpha ace yesterday! Can’t wait to throw the 2nd run.
Y’all are killin it

Greg Wills

Greg Wills said:

Like how the A’s make the ears, good to see a well know artist making a design for you.

Chris flaherty

Chris flaherty said:

Sick stamp

Jason Terry

Jason Terry said:

I’d love to try one! My discs were taken by Harvey?

Chris Levendosky

Chris Levendosky said:

Great Skulboy stamp!

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