Rate your Alpha! Run 2 flight ratings by color.

September 20, 2017

All entries in this survey through Setpember 24, 2017 will be entered to win a free second run Alpha. We will contact the winner by email. Thanks for your time!


Rob Massey

Rob Massey said:

Love love love my Alpha! Just played in a tourney over the weekend and busted it out on a few holes…loved talking about it to my competitors!

Dallas Bolen

Dallas Bolen said:

Love the designs, the feel, and the homegrown aspect of this product.


Thomas said:

The 2nd run sublime is my new go to fairway driver. It goes straight and has a gentle finish. Recommended it to everyone looking for a new straight flying fairway.

Mike Hammontree

Mike Hammontree said:

Really liking the sublime Alpha in run two and Apex in run one. But no red options in run #2!? Hope that gets corrected in the next run! Look forward to seeing the next mold from Mint Discs also.

Donald Cook

Donald Cook said:

I absolutely love my Alpha. I just picked it up and have loved it since the very first throw!

Chris woods

Chris woods said:

Im torn between my silver sublime & the light blue eternal. The sublime @174 is my ideal weight and goes a little left but has a great fade back into a little S. The light blue eternal @ 167 (I’ve never thrown a disc that light that didn’t just tyrn over on me) goes super straight with a nice little fade at the end. Great discs! My domey Moody disc is a beast!

Brendan Kretzschmar

Brendan Kretzschmar said:

I haven’t tried most of the colors for 2nd run. The two that I have tried are the pearly light blue eternal, and the candy pink/redish eternal. For me, the light blue is pretty straight with good fade. The candy pink is much more over stable than all the others I’ve tried.

Miles LuVisi

Miles LuVisi said:

Love my alpha so far. Played 2 rounds with it, hit basket twice. Follows the exact line I put it on.

Holden Weathers

Holden Weathers said:

Can’t get enough of this mold! Can’t wait to see what this company holds for us in the future!

Kirk Robison

Kirk Robison said:

I absolutely love mu alpha. There’s nothing like it out there and I hope I can get me a sublime ??

Dalton Brown

Dalton Brown said:

Love my Apex! Got my first one in white, and used it nearly ever hole for accuracy and fair distance from a fairway driver. Have highly recommended to friends and newcomers in tourneys

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