Rate your Alpha! Run 2 flight ratings by color.


All entries in this survey through Setpember 24, 2017 will be entered to win a free second run Alpha. We will contact the winner by email. Thanks for your time!


  • Love my Apex! Got my first one in white, and used it nearly ever hole for accuracy and fair distance from a fairway driver. Have highly recommended to friends and newcomers in tourneys

    - Dalton Brown
  • I absolutely love mu alpha. There’s nothing like it out there and I hope I can get me a sublime ??

    - Kirk Robison
  • Can’t get enough of this mold! Can’t wait to see what this company holds for us in the future!

    - Holden Weathers
  • Love my alpha so far. Played 2 rounds with it, hit basket twice. Follows the exact line I put it on.

    - Miles LuVisi
  • I haven’t tried most of the colors for 2nd run. The two that I have tried are the pearly light blue eternal, and the candy pink/redish eternal. For me, the light blue is pretty straight with good fade. The candy pink is much more over stable than all the others I’ve tried.

    - Brendan Kretzschmar

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