Second Run Alpha In Review(Serial #AL02-17)

Second Run Alpha In Review(Serial #AL02-17)


With flatter domes, new colors and a slightly straighter flight at high speeds, the Second Run has meet all our expectations and then some. Highlighted by the amazing Skulboy Designs art on the Sublime Plastic, this run is turning out to be great for throwers and collectors alike. 

Now lets focus on what everyone has been asking for - the flight ratings by color. The Alpha has a base rating of Speed 8 / Glide 4 / Turn 0 / Fade 2. While those numbers are fairly arbitrary and an industry standard, we chose to not print those on the disc and instead kept it simple with "Power Fairway" to describe the flight.

We feel it is our duty to give you as much information as possible. The discs in your bag need to be exactly what you want. So with each run we'll gather feedback from staff, friends, team members and from the most important source - YOU.

Without further ado here are the MINT color ratings for the Second Run. Available in all 3 plastics, we saw some striking differences compared to the first run.

What stands out about the second run? For starters I think it helped us validate our thought to not put the ratings on the disc stamp. The Second Run Alpha saw straighter high speed turn across the board. This means you can expect these colors to be a little straighter and not resist your power/speed as much as the First Run.

There are also 3 colors that are flying with considerably more low speed fade than expected - Yellow Apex, Eternal Candy Pink, and Eternal Candy Green. The Yellow Apex has the most dome of any color while the Candy colors have a flat profile. All three of these colors came out with a stiffer feel as well.

Wait a second...what is Candy Eternal? If you have touched this amazing blend of Eternal then you know what we are talking about. This stiff clear blend has that Candy look so we decided to add that descriptor to the color shade. We also used the term Pearly because of the white metallic streaks that were going through some of the colors.

The other color of note is the sought after Royal Blue Sublime. Surprisingly in both runs we are seeing a lot of our fans buy up all of the straightest Alphas they can find. As a result the Royal Blue was the first color to sell out in the Second Run. While it isn't as high speed stable as we we would like, we think it fits nicely along side the other Alphas and should be great at working some lines a regular Alpha can't.

How did our fans rate the Second Run? A few weeks back we asked for your help rating the second run. For the most part the ratings line up with ours. Below are the most popular answers.

What should you take away from all this information? As we admit, each color for a variety of reasons can fly a little different. We want to share those differences with you. The variances in stability also allow you carry multiple Alphas based on stability. You can trust on one mold to fill almost an entire speed gap and give repeatable throws every time.

Thanks again to everyone that has been a part of MINT Discs so far. To our friends, family, team members, and anyone who has purchased a disc - we can't do this with out you.

Zach, Guy & Chris

MINT Discs

***Disclaimer: Flight ratings by color may not reflect your exact disc. This is not a guarantee of exact flight, simply a guide to help you find the one for you. Ratings may vary based on weight, disc profile, disc damage, and user skill level. If you are not satisfied with your flight please reach to We'd love to hear your feedback.***




  • One year in and my orange Al02-17 is throwing amazingly well. It’s a go to for me.
    When can we expect another run of the apex alphas?

    - Josh
  • Just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know how awesome you are!

    Keep up the great work! My Sublime Alpha is my favorite to show-off and one of my 2 go-to discs (Lat64 GL Spark is the other).


    - Rob Massey

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