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First Run Alpha in Review(AL01-17)


We honestly weren't sure what to expect when we launched MINT Discs and debuted our first disc the Alpha nearly 2 months ago(April 21, 2017).  A couple weeks ago we sold out of the first run Sublime Alphas, and it looks like Apex plastic won't be far behind. For us it hasn't been about the sales though. We have cherished the kind words and true friends who have reached out to help us grow. It has a created a really good problem, we will most likely be sold out of the first run before the second run is ready to sell. 

What we hope to do near the end of each run is a breakdown of how each plastic and color is flying. We'll take feedback from our fans, friends and team to compile this breakdown. This will ideally give you the knowledge to find the flight you want. Above all else, we want to put that knowledge in your hand.

For now lets jump right into the Alpha and learn a little bit more about the the best new fairway driver in disc golf. 

We released the Alpha in 3 premium plastics: Eternal, Apex and Sublime. Across the plastics we saw a nice range of stability and settled on the following flight numbers: Speed 8 / Glide 4 / Turn 0 / Fade 2. This rating was meant to be a general flight characteristic so that we could give you a baseline of what to expect.

Below is a full breakdown of the flight ratings based on color and plastic. What do you think about our numbers for each color? 


  • Was wondering the flight numbers on the glow green alpha,it seems more domey.

    - Daniel griffin
  • Won my Mint Alpha eternal plastic in a raffle. I can overthrow the disc if I throw all out….but towards then end of a round when my arm is tired, it is a predictable stable flight. Somewhere between my destroyer and colossus, with very similar flight characteristics. I would honestly rate this a speed 12 disc. Throwing about 400’
    The eternal plastic name is NOT a joke…have skipped it off of roads and drilled a few trees….and the disc still looks and feels brand new. Actually wondering IF the disc will break in, or remain as it was from day one.
    Still learning the disc, but love it so far.

    - Brad Richards
  • Still learning how to throw it. Like the way it feels .

    - John Marr
  • This is the most amazing bit of information and mirrors perfectly what my friends and I have discovered. You totally vindicated my buddy who has been swearing his red Apex is 35 feet longer than any other Alpha we have thrown. Love my Alphas… all they do is go to the pole.

    - Scott Coleman
  • No other company has done this, and I think this concept is LONG overdue. I look forward to future releases you are off to a great start!

    - Keith

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